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You're travelling in Japan visiting one of it's mysterious temple shrines when suddenly you fall into a sinkhole. Underground, you discover a sunken mansion. A sinister presence lingers while you explore it's dark corridors. You must rely your wits to escape the mansion if you want to see the light of day again.

This is an early prototype of the game. The full game will be 2 player cooperative with longer gameplay. Do follow us for future updates.


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Malice [Prototype] v0.13

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Hello, I tried to download the game but it says "The requested file does not exist."

same here

Sorry about this, we'll fix this asap.

Hello, it's fixed. Thanks for your patience

Hello it's fixed. Thanks for your patience

do you guys plan on releasing this on steam?

yes we will be soon.

ahhh created this acc just to say that i really liked that thing with two-faced mask! ::) can't wait to play the full game version! 

Hey! thanks for the comment! We’re working hard to bring the game to its final release stage, hopefully everyone can enjoy it!

Hey there I came here from MYDCF 2021 and found this game on one of the booths. I would love to stream this game on Twitch too.

can't wait to see it :D

I enjoyed this game quite a lot! I appreciate that the puzzles didn't hold back at all and it wasn't like many other games where everything has to be kept on "easy mode". Thanks for having faith that us players would be able to complete such a task! I can't wait to see the full game!!

Thanks Chelly for checking out our game!

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I didn't know what to do, so I just picked up the paper fans.

Is there any hint or tutorial I missed?

Hi, there's a hint on the letter that you pick up from the ornate chest under the bridge.  Cheers!

Oh, I'll have to look there, too. Thank you!


Really loved that game, but there was just one factual inconsistency in the brochure. Practicing "magic" wasn't specifically looked down upon, in fact, they had many priests and soothsayers that could purportedly use magic.

The woman also would not have been called a witch. A witch is a more western concept, and a beautiful woman who lures people in and makes them disappear likely would have been suspected a fox (kitsune), which were and by some still are considered magical creatures which can shape shift. This ability includes transforming into beautiful women and seducing men.

Hi comment from youtube :) Thank you so much for your feedback. We will definitely take it into consideration in the final version of the game. Thanks for checking it out!

Well, after several days (and a gameplay video later), I was finally able to shoot this video. And without a doubt this is an excellent game. I liked both the puzzles and the plot and psychological horror that the game presents. Can't wait to check out the full version. Congratulations on your work.

Thank you once again! Love your enthusiasm!

Cool banner (I adore its authentic clothes) & screenshots (like the item-menu with that nearby paper looks realistic in a stunning way), the banner sounds like japan in aesthetics, same as the clichee of collectable fans as items. I like that there's a preview of the game as visuals on youtube too.


thanks for the feedback! glad you enjoyed the aesthetics

I really enjoyed playing this game. Despite being a short demo, it was very entertaining and a nice experience to see everything there is in the game, including the puzzles, which were very interesting. One that had me thinking a lot was the shogi one, but by doing a quick search, I was able to solve it. I would like to continue to see more progress and information about the game, what you have planned for the future. I wish you all the best with Malice!

Hi there. Thank you for checking out the game!

Overall the environment is super scary and immersive, but the puzzles where really confusing at times, and the light was a little too dim for me to find certain items. 

Hey, thanks for playing the game. We appreciate the feedback!

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GAME WAS LIT!!! Lore was good, the thrill was there, and dayum i like the backstory, but i encountered some difficulties that made me look at walkthroughs as I play the game. here are some of my comments/suggestions (if u don't mind). 

(I played this game with 5 of my friends so this counts as our comments???)

1. A narration-like voice would be nice like on the first part, "I need to find 4 fans, huh" or "Where am I?", and for every fan he goes like "That's 1/4" so on so forth. This voice would give some clues but not too much to spoil it.

This could be implemented too when someone's stuck in a level for so long and can be disabled if one wants too

+ the letters being narrated would be a good boost for thrill 

2. the mouse/circle thing that pops up when we see an item to pick is a little hard to see so maybe making it easier to see would be helpful

3. In game options would be very good. Sounds as I open the game was so loud, and brightness was so low for us so, yeah :D. 

+ Few minutes into the game, i got dizzy from it so if that can be adjusted it would be nice :D

4. Better graphics would be nice too 

5. More background/depth into the story would be good like

6. brochure looks new so maybe making it look old would fit the setting

7. MORE PUZZLES!!! we jsut had fun when we got the moment of enlightenment on a particuler scenario

8. Allow or disable auto-save? our game crashed like 80% of the game so yeah.

9. A chase scene would be good since these things build up tension always HAHAHHAA or like some glimpses of the ghost in the house 

10. easter eggs? HAHAHA 

11. More lore depth I guess?

12. A back pack interface so that the tab button won't be pressed everytime and we will know how many of which have we gotten already.

Overall, we love this game and can't wait for its full version because who knows? HAHAHHAA. Hope you won't take this in the wrong way and if you don't like this comment, feel free to ignore or delete it. 

+We SO LOVE the zoom in whenever interacting with the item, like we love the way it goes HAHAHHAHAHA

+ the setting of the run-down temple, it just gives some good vibes for the game HHAHAHAHAHA

+ at the part of the dolls, we can't find the note that indicates the name of doll to use for the code so we tried all the doll's codes HAHAH SORRY

This is huge. Thank you so much for playing the game and taking the time to write for us this lengthy feedback. We do appreciate the feedbacks though and it's always good to understand where we can improve on as creative people! 😀

I'm just uploading my playthrough with a simple walkthrough guide in the descriptions too (Currently being uploaded at time of posting comment, you may not be able to view the video just yet)! 

Had to download the demo to try it out when I saw that this is a Malaysian-made game. Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and was able to figure out the puzzles (the first playthrough that I did, unrecorded, took me over 1.5 hours though XD) with exception of the final part about the presumed sequence or order to splash the liquid over the paintings before the demo ended. 

Overall I loved the atmosphere, the art style, the background sounds and the like. Absolutely loved that this was more to exploring/puzzle than typical survival horror tropes. My only suggestion is to put in a brightness setting in the final game! Thank you developers for working hard on this game :D 

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Ohh hey, thanks for trying out the game and much appreciation for the elaborate write up and compliments! Yup, we're a team located here in malaysia for this short demo. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and played through til the end 🙂. 

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MALICE 怨念 - Full Demo Walkthrough No-Commentary

I just tried this demo game it’s very interesting, I really like it. I’m waiting for the full game version.

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Thank you so much for the playthrough! Glad you enjoyed the game demo and managed to reach all the way to the end. 

Any clues on how to solve the dolls at the 2nd floor?

there is a note that tells you which doll is the correct doll. once you figure out which, you need to find the doll’s name in the table of japanese characters. the numbers in the table form 4 numbers to the lock.

clue: columns then rows

hi I absolutely love you game but im a little stuck on the shogi board puzzle, any pointers/hints?

Hello! Thank you for checking out our game. The Shogi Board puzzle requires you to put in a Shogi Piece that is found on the second floor of the mansion. The letter from Hana clues you in on 2 position that the Shogi Piece needs to be in for the box to open. :D

The game's somewhat interesting and I would like to continue through it. But my biggest issue is the lighting in general. The area is a bit too dark even with the lantern. Other then that, game has an interesting premise.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hey thank you so much for checking our game out. I see that you’re kinda stuck at the first puzzle :> 

Here’s some hint: the four paper fans has numbers on it. The letter from Hana that you found talks about 4 seasons which is the order of the password. The door opens after you’ve knocked a certain way.

First of all, the puzzles are surprisingly really fun. A bit of big brain time. I'm not the best person for puzzles but it strikes a good balance in its a challenge. The only gripes that I had with it were the Brightness. It's kinda hard to see for my eyes. 

But great game mah doods!

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the game! We actually pushed an update earlier today to increase the brightness of the lantern that you carry (Update v0.12).  

Aw sweet. Nice! Will try it again.

The environment of the game was well made and the atmosphere was very immersive. The puzzles were interesting but finding the necessary items for certain puzzles were annoying. Overall, it was nice and good.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

The game looks nice and have a very good atmosphere. The puzzles are fun to solve.

Thanks for trying out the game!

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Well... this is an excellent puzzle game. I liked the sinister environment, and the puzzles required a little knowledge of Japanese culture. And therein lies a problem (my opinion). I would have closed the demo if wasn't for the Shogi's departure, and here is the problem. Honestly, I've never played Shogi in my life, and here you guys really hit it hard. They put it at a level that suggests that the player would need to have a good, very good knowledge of Shogi to be able to pass this puzzle, which is complicated for a little more casual players. In my opinion, at least the shogi should have some clues in the scenario that would lead to solving the puzzle, since not everyone has knowledge of Shogi. Despite that, Malice has an interesting premise, very interesting indeed. Maybe I'll finish the demo someday. Congratulations for the game.

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thank you for your valuable feedback. glad you enjoyed the game! 

(ps you don’t need to know how to play Shogi to solve the puzzle :)

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I tried .... LIKE IT

That's awesome! Thanks for the video coverage. Hope you managed to complete the demo haha. 

It seems like a ton of work has gone into this! My brother and I managed to complete it, but it sure took some time. lol Very nice work!

Thanks for your support! We would love some feedback or some gameplay video on this.

where do you use small iron key?

hi, try looking underneath the bridge :D

I don't know how to get inside the house

There is a knocker on the door. In order for you to get in you need to knock it a certain sequence for 4 times.

If you find a letter in the chest underneath the bridge, it will tell you the sequence. There are also 4 fans lying around the courtyard. Look at each fan carefully.

Great game. 

- Game is well polished, since this is just the demo I can't say for the overall stories.

- Puzzle is confusing but okay.

- The game is too dark and the lantern doesn't light up some part of the area properly.

- There's no options to adjust the FOV, brightness of the game. 

- I got motion sickness after playing this for first 5 minutes. Maybe enable player to adjust the FOV can reduce this problem.  (I am a heavy FPS player and rarely have motion sickness from FPS game.)

- Due to the motion sickness I do not enjoy the game fully. Hopefully this will be fixed in the full release.

Good luck on the full game release.

thank you for your feedback. will certainly look into all the items you wrote here. thank you for checking it out :)